Student-made Peas video a hit
MONTREAL – A YouTube video of students at the Universite de Quebec a Montreal lip syncing the Black Eyed Peas hit “I Got a Feeling” is quickly becoming a phenomenon on the web.
Two UQAM communications students created the lip dub video to the popular tune during the first week of school and it has taken on a life of its own, with more than 400,000 views on the video-sharing website as of Wednesday.
The walking, first-person video takes the viewer on a tour of UQAM’s downtown Montreal campus, right through the front door and snaking through the hallways as students sing and dance to the hit.
Luc-Olivier Cloutier and Marie-Eve Hebert, the student duo behind the Internet hit say it was a tremendous task to co-ordinate the roughly five-minute video, which was remarkably filmed in just one take.
“We really had to plan everything in advance, starting with the itinerary,” said Cloutier, 22, who was the cameraman.
“We had to write, line-by-line, who would do what, everything had to be timed.”
Six students worked on the concept for over a month and volunteers were recruited using social networking site Facebook, but they had no idea how many would actually show up until the day of filming.
A total of 172 students took part in the video, which was filmed in the span of about two hours.
According to the Viral Video Chart, the video was ranked number 12 as of Wednesday.
“There was no way we though that it would become as popular as it has,” Cloutier said, adding the comments are added minute by minute on YouTube.
Local and international media have also taken notice, with CNN interviewing the creators on Sunday night and an NBC interview in the coming days.
“They are really impressed, that’s what is special,” said Cloutier of the media attention.
Both students are to graduate next spring and have been receiving job offers since the video went viral, meaning it became a mainstream hit on the Internet through word of mouth.
The clip is available on YouTube right here!