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Taylor Swift: Kanye hasn’t ‘personally reached out’
Kanye West may have told Jay Leno last night he wants to apologize in person to Taylor Swift, but she told The View today that “sure,” she’d meet up with him, but, “I mean, he has not personally reached out or anything.”
Taylor recalled the night and what she was thinking the moment Kanye came onstage, saying, ” I think my overall thought process went something like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I won. This is awesome. Don’t trip and fall. I’m going to get to thank the fans. This is so cool. Oh, Kanye West is here!'” She paused, then added, “‘Cool haircut. What are you doing?’ And And then ‘Ouch.’ And then, ‘I guess I’m not gonna get to thank the fans.”
It might have been worse, she said, but she was surrounded by well-wishers backstage. “All the artists came and showed me love and all the people tweeting about it. and all the fans, I never imagined there were that many people out there looking out for me, defending me so I didn’t have to.”