Marvel Exploring Converting Iron Man 2 to 3D
Iron Man has taken flight in 3D. At least he has in a 1-minute demo reel which is said to be “hot” stuff and triggering all sorts of crazy ideas at Marvel, Paramount and now Disney.
Ain’t It Cool News broke the news claiming 1 minute from Jon Favreau’s Iron Man 2 was recently converted to high quality digital 3D. Everyone who has seen this clip is so enamored by it that Marvel is soliciting bids from three companies to covert not only all of Iron Man 2 into 3D, but the first Iron Man for a spring 2010 re-release as well.
The conversion process utilized would be identical to how Disney is handling Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. The big difference is that film was created with 3D not only in mind but built into the budget. Turning Iron Man 2 into 3D will pile onto what is already probably a budget well north of $100 million.
Of course Iron Man 2 will gobble up mounds of cash next summer so it will be up to the studios to decide whether the investment is worth the up-charge on a ticket to a 3D movie. Now that 2009 has delivered several 3D films that outperformed their 2D counterparts, cinema’s future is looking more and more three-dimensional whether filmmakers intend so or not.