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Kenny and Spenny ask fans for show ideas
Outlandish frenemies Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice are turning to their fans for ideas for the next season of Kenny vs. Spenny.
The TV duo is known for staging wild and gruelling competitions on their Showcase series like “who can stay tied to a goat the longest?” and “who can wear a dead octopus on their head the longest?”
Now they’re inviting viewers to send new ideas to them online through the Showcase website.
Hotz and Rice say they will choose a winning submission and carry it out in an episode this season.
The competition runs now until Sept. 30 at
The sixth season of Kenny vs. Spenny returns Nov. 15.
“Everyone hates Spenny as much as I do. Please help me give him a nervous breakdown,” Hotz said today in a release.
“I trust viewers will submit competition ideas that are fair. Fans, my life and sanity are in your hands, treat them kindly,” added Rice.