Bad Boys III Set To Explode
The original Bad Boys back in 1995 was a big, slick shoot-em-upÖ and lots of fun. Along with Independence Day it was the first in a wave of movies which would propel Will Smith from rapper and sitcom star to biggest box office draw in the world. The sequel, Bad Boys II, is less well regarded but made even more money since by then, Will had achieved his mega-star status. Now just imagine how much a third movie would make. Yeah, so of course theyíre making one.
THR says Columbia Pictures is developing a third installment in the Bad Boys franchise. Their hope is to not only bring back Will Smith and Martin Lawrence (and letís face it, they wonít have any trouble getting Martin Lawrence) but producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay as well. Itís a high-octane recipe, sure to result in car chases, bikini girls, and ridiculous explosions. None of them has a deal yet, but Columbia has a bag of money they’re ready to throw at them.
The Bad Boys series is kind of like Lethal Weapon, if Mel Gibson were a vague, black stereotype. Will is the slick, badass ladies man and Martin Lawrence is the reluctant, Iím too old for this shit family man. Theyíre like oil and water, except when it comes to kicking criminal ass! Or something like that. Actually all kidding aside, the first one really is a good cops and criminals shoot-em-up. The second one not so much, but if they can recapture the pyrotechnic magic of the first one Iím on board. Love him or hate him, Michael Bay really is good at this mindless, guns blazing cop stuff. Maybe he crossed a line in Transformers 2, but with Will Smith there using his star power keep his feet on the ground, Bad Boys III could work out well enough. Sit back and enjoy the spectacle.