Geez, Dave!! Shut up, will ya?!?

Metallica snub angers Mustaine
Dave Mustaine has blasted his former Metallica bandmate Lars Ulrich for leaving him out of the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Mustaine wasn’t among the Metallica members, past and present, in April’s Class of 2009, because he didn’t feature on any of the band’s albums – despite performing with them for two years.
The guitarist reveals drummer Ulrich invited him to the ceremony, but only to watch – infuriating the Megadeth frontman.
He tells Metal Hammer, “Lars said… ‘If you were on the record you got inducted, if you weren’t on the record, you didn’t’, and would I come along and hang out and watch them get inducted? It makes for the same kind of mentality as a guy watching some other guy f**k his girlfriend.
“To say that I’m not on the record, well, I’d say that there are 40 million fans with Megadeth and Metallica records in their collections that would say that Dave is on the Metallica records because my name’s on there, but I guess Lars never really looked past the word ‘Ulrich’.”
The experience has made Mustaine even more determined to make it into the Hall of Fame on his own accord, adding, “Bottom line is, I’m going to get into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame one way or another and he can’t keep me out! When I do, I’m going to ask him to induct us and I’m gonna give eggs to everyone in the front row!”