I want to see them all!!!

Bruce Springsteen Playing All of ìBorn to Runî in Chicago
A source close to Bruce Springsteen has confirmed what two Chicago newspapers (the Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune) are reporting: that Bruce and the E Street Band will perform their landmark 1975 album Born to Run in its entirety when the tour touches down at the cityís United Center on September 20th.
Itís unclear whether the band plans to do any full-album performances on other dates on the tour, like Aerosmith, Mˆtley Cr¸e and more bands have been doing recently. Last year Springsteen performed Born to Run and Darkness On The Edge of Town at a fundraiser show at New Jerseyís Count Basie Theater. Earlier this year Rolling Stone magazine asked E Street guitarist Steve Van Zandt what album heíd like to perform straight through. ìItís gotta be The River,î he said. ìIíd want to include the outtakes on the Tracks collection. Then you have a hell of a show. You donít have to do anything else.î
Completely unsubstantiated Internet rumors that should be taken with a huge grain of salt claim that Springsteen will do one album a night during his five-night stand at Giants Stadium this September and October. But in the off chance the rumors are true ó and based on very little (but our Springsteen intuition) ó we predict heíll do Greetings From Asbury Park, The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle, Born To Run, Darkness On The Edge Of Town and Born In The USA.
Springsteen, who turns 60 in September, was recently asked by Italian Vanity Fair about his plans beyond this tour. ìI think that the E Street Band will probably take a rest for a little while,î he said. ìBut it all will happen again. Weíre lifers, weíre gonna go on forever.î