Doctor Who

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Doctor Who sets 2nd Guinness record
Guinness World Records has named Doctor Who the most successful science-fiction series, the second Guinness record for the much-loved BBC-TV production.
The new honour was based on a combination of ratings, DVD sales, book sales and dowloading popularity for the show, which has had several incarnations since it first ran in 1963.
“It is too good a show to have just one record,” Guinness editor-in-chief Craig Glenday said after handing over the award Sunday to Russell T. Davies, the show’s current producer and chief writer.
Doctor Who also holds the Guinness record for longest-running sci-fi TV series, though that honour is controversial. Stargate SG-1, which ran 10 years, has received the record for longest-running consecutive sci-fi series.
The latest incarnation of the series, launched in 2005, is about to get a new lead actor. Matt Smith is to succeed David Tennant, who succeeded Christopher Eccleston as the doctor-cum-alien who travels through time in his ship, the Tardis. Smith will be the 11th Time Lord since 1963.