I would love to see a picture of that!!

Spinal Tap visits Stonehenge
Fans of metal mockers Spinal Tap will be thrilled to hear the band members visited the ancient site of Stonehenge recently after performing at Britain’s Glastonbury music festival.
News of the surreal visit comes courtesy of Canadian band Metric. Singer Emily Haines posted news and photos of the art-meets-life-meets-art happening on Metric’s blog.
In the 1984 mockumentary, This is Spinal Tap, band members ó played by actors Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer and Michael McKean ó create a bizarre tribute to Stonehenge in their act, complete with a tiny reproduction of the prehistoric site along with dancing dwarves.
The film has since become global cult hit and resulted in a reunification of the mock band for a real tour this year.
Haines says she and her band wanted to see the monument but were disappointed when they discovered the entrance was closed.
“We were staring at the stones through the fence and halfheartedly watching various generic families wander toward their cars when [drummer Joules Scott-Key] said the words we will remember forever: ‘Um, guys, that’s Ö Spinal Tap!” wrote the singer.
“We descended upon them immediately.”
Band members only managed to catch up with Shearer, who obliged for a photo op.
“The best part is, it was Spinal Tap’s first trip to Stonehenge as well,” Haines notes.
“According to Shearer, they were just making their way back to London when they spotted the source of their most memorable joke in in the distance and decided, ‘This would be the time to see the full-scale version.”