I can’t decide if this is sad or funny!!

Lohan turned down ‘Hangover’ role
Lindsay Lohan is reportedly reeling after turning down a starring role in hit comedy The Hangover – because she believed the script had “no potential”.
The star has struggled to land work in Hollywood since her days as Disney’s golden girl following her wild partying ways and arrests for drinking under the influence.
She was also reprimanded by movie bosses on 2006’s Georgia Rule for “irresponsible and unprofessional” behaviour as her personal life became front page tabloid news.
But director Todd Phillips was reportedly set to take a risk on Lohan by asking her to play stripper Jade in his bachelor party movie.
However, Lohan wasn’t impressed by the film’s screenplay, and rejected the part, which eventually went to Heather Graham, according to Us Weekly.
A source tells the magazine that the star’s agent “tried hard to get Phillips to consider her,” but “Lindsay said she didn’t like the script”.
And it seems Lohan made a huge mistake – the movie has been a surprise smash hit at the box office, pulling in over $265 million worldwide.