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A Lost Michael Jackson Tune…and His Final Concert?
Los Angeles (E! Online) ñ Michael Jackson never got around to recording that long-awaited comeback album, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of material.
E! News has obtained the King of Pop’s recording of “Shout”óthe first of what will likely be a slew of posthumous recordings unearthed in the next few years.
The tune, which puts a distinctive Jackson twist on the Isley Brothers’ seminal 1959 hit, was cowritten by the New Jersey-based team of Cyph and Crystal and recorded in the fall of 2001 at Sony Recording Studios in New York City, but was never released.
“After the recording was done, we could see him dancing to the song,” Cyph, who was introduced to the star by producer Teddy Riley, tells E! News. “He really was feeling that record, but, unfortunately, the record got rail roaded by politics within the album and the dispute between M.J. and Tommy [Mottola], so it got released as a maxi single to R. Kelly’s “Cry.” No one’s heard “Shout” in the U.S.”
Jackson’s last studio album, Invincible, came out in 2001.
One of Jackson’s biographers, Ian Halperin, claims the singer may have left more than 100 unreleased songs to his three children as a “personal legacy,” according to the the Times of London.
Meanwhile, per, Jackson’s final Los Angeles rehearsal for his upcoming London concert series was recorded by AEG as part of his multimillion-dollar deal, and the concert promoter is reportedly planning to release it on DVD and CD as a “live concert.”