Cool?! I admit that I am not sure!

Kevin Smith Gunning For An Oscar?
Kevin Smith has revealed to MTV News exclusively that he’s planning to collaborate on his next film with… Mitch Albom.
Yeah, Mitch Albom, the Tuesdays With Morrie guy, who is quite possibly your sentimental dad’s favorite author. In 2003 Albom and rock icon Warren Zevon collaborated on the song “Hit Somebody,” shortly before Zevon’s death from cancer. Now Smith, a longtime hockey fan, wants to adapt the song about a violent hockey goon into a feature film.
ìThe songís been one of my favorites since I heard it and Iíve always seen this whole movie behind. I got in touch with Mitch because Warren Zevon has passed on and we started talking about it and he was into it and into what I was kind of pitching.î
Not only that, but Smith thinks this is one that might gain some end-of-the-year Oscar traction. For real. You can read all about it at MTV, and hockey fans, prepare to replace Slapshot as your favorite hockey movie of all time.