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Blink-182 Recruit Fall Out Boy, Weezer for Reunion Tour: Hoppus and Wentz Speak Out
Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus breaks some big news in the Summer Tour Preview in the new issue of Rolling Stone: the reunited band is bringing Weezer and Fall Out Boy on the road this summer to open Blinkís first tour since 2005. The news resulted in a big reaction from fans yesterday afternoon when Hoppus posted our story on his blog ó and weíve got more from Hoppus on the lineup, and what to expect on the road right here:
ìWe started talking about bands to tour with and Weezer was actually one of the first ones that came up,î Hoppus tells Rolling Stone. ìThey wanted to do the tour, and so did Fall Out Boy. It worked out perfectly.î But fans hoping to catch all three acts together on the tour, which begins July 24th, may be out of luck: Fall Out Boy are on board for two-thirds of the dates and Weezer will play the other third. Dates for the tour, and which bands are opening in which cites, havenít been announced at press time.
This wonít be the first time members of Blink share the stage with Weezer and Fall Out Boy. Blink guitarist Tom DeLongeís side project Angel & Airwaves toured with Weezer last year, while Hoppus and Blink drummer Travis Barker toured with Fall Out Boy when their side project, +44, opened FOBís summer tour in 2007.
ìWhen we started our band, we were like, ëMan, thatíd be so awesome to meet Blink-182,íî Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz says, adding his band is looking forward to the change an opening slot will bring. ìItís been a great stretch of headlining tours the last few years, but thereís something interesting about opening up for bands when you have to rope the audience in.î
Blink-182 are also working to make this tour accessible to as many fans as possible. While the most expensive tickets will go for $60, Hoppus says the band has secured a $20 ticket fee (charges included) for the arenas. ìWe want this to be an experience that brings the show out to the audience,î Hoppus adds, noting the band has partnered with the set designer Kanye West and Daft Punk use for a light show that will incorporate the entire venue into the bandís performance.
And Blink will debut at least one new tune on the road alongisde favorites like ìRock Showî and ìWhatís My Age Again,î which may have a more polished feel thanks to the band deciding to do some serious rehearsals before hitting the road. ìWe used to go on stage and forget our parts,î Hoppus says. ìThis time we want to be more artistic. We really want the live show on this tour to be something nobody would ever expect from Blink.î