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Louis-Dreyfus wants ‘Seinfeld’ film
Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus is ready to revive the hit 1990s sitcom for the big screen – after reuniting with her former castmates for guest spots on Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Seinfeld fans will get a teaser when Louis-Dreyfus and her former TV co-stars Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards appear together in a number of shows for the upcoming season of Larry David’s comedy series.
Returning to the set with her former colleagues brought back fond memories for the actress, 11 years after Seinfeld came to an end in 1998 following a nine-season run.
She tells, “It was wonderful. It was like we never left to be honest with you – so that part of it was quite surreal.”
Louis-Dreyfus admits she is keen to reprise her role as Elaine, one of Seinfeld’s zany sidekicks, in a movie adaptation of the show – and she’s already got some big plans for her character.
She tells reporters, “You get the financing together and I’ll work on the script… I would say she’d just be getting out of prison.”