This could be funny!

Carell, Fey playing ‘Date Night’ for laughs
So this one time, Steve Carell and Tina Fey had a romantic night out.
“And it goes crazy. Everything that can possibly go wrong goes wrong, and they’re caught up in a web of malice and intrigue,” Carell says.
He’s referring to the comedy Date Night, directed by Night at the Museum’s Shawn Levy. The flick starts shooting in a few weeks and stars the comedy dream team of Carell and Fey, who have never done a movie together. The stars of The Office and 30 Rock play a married couple who go out to a trendy Manhattan bistro for some couple bonding time, when things go terribly awry thanks to a case of mistaken identity.
“I’m a huge fan and have known her for some time, so it’s great that we finally get to do something,” Carell says.