Here’s hoping that it is better than “Spider-Man 3”!!!

Sam Raimi writing ‘Evil Dead 4’
Sam Raimi, who created the low-budget “Evil Dead” series of horror films, has told Empire magazine he’s working on a fourth movie. While Raimi has often said he’d like to reboot the series with a younger cast, his hope for Bruce Campbell to return as Ash indicates this one may be a true sequel.
The first two “Evil Dead” movies — the second actually also covers all the events from the first — follow Ash and some friends as they unleash demonic forces with the evil book Necronomicon Ex Mortis. The third movie finds Ash thrown back to medieval times and fighting the undead there.
“There’s some dialogue,” Raimi told the magazine. “Ash being an idiot. Ash taking some abuse. Some character stuff and then some structure of Act Two. Just other possibilities for things that could happen. It’s ideas, jokes, things we’d like to see.”
Raimi’s latest, “Drag Me to Hell,” premieres May 29.