12293 – This makes no sense at all!!!

What the deuce? Stewie Griffin on ‘Bones’?
You read that headline correctly — FOX will do a rather unusual crossover in May when Stewie, the hell-raising, hyper-intelligent infant from “Family Guy,” makes an appearance on “Bones.”
Stewie completed his shooting recently and had this to say: “Oh, have you seen it? Was I good? Because I heard they said I was amazing and they want me to replace Emily [Deschanel], but that’s just a rumor.”
His scene partner, David Boreanaz, adds: “The guy was good during the actual scenes, which is the important thing. But between takes he literally vanished — nowhere to be seen. I guess it’s true that Brits and cartoons tend to be standoffish. Or maybe it was a method thing. I don’t know.”
In the episode, scheduled for May 7, Booth (Boreanaz) will have babies on the brain after Brennan (Deschanel) decides she wants to have a child — and asks Booth to be the father. The idea consumes Booth — as does an unrelated (and undiagnosed) health problem that lays him out and causes him to hallucinate. Stewie will “assess the situation” and offer his advice. (But will there be dancing?)
I’m thinking Stewie might tell Booth to take Brennan up on her offer, since my intrepid colleague Korbi has written at length about a Bones-Booth coupling (finally) in the season finale, which airs the following week.
The May 7 episode, by the way, is called “The Critic in the Cabernet.” Body in a wine barrel, maybe? Jokes about the wine having a good nose?