They should definitely go to Vulcan!!

Vulcans ‘deserve their day in the sun,’ says Spock
CALGARY├▒Mr. Spock would never admit to any emotion, but the actor who portrayed the very logical character is peeved about a decision not to show the premiere of the new Star Trek movie in a southern Alberta town.
Leonard Nimoy thinks Star Trek XI should go where no film has gone before.
A mission by the town of Vulcan, southeast of Calgary, to beam in the movie on opening day May 8 appeared to have failed this week when Paramount Pictures said it couldn’t work out details.
The community with the same name as Spock’s birthplace has used that connection to develop itself as a tourist attraction.
And now Spock has returned to help his people.
“It seems to me that someone at Paramount should show some interest and not take this lightly. This is a serious issue,” Nimoy said in a phone interview from Los Angeles with The Canadian Press.
“The people of my home planet of Vulcan are not happy about this. I won’t say they’re sad or upset because that would express emotion but they think it’s illogical that somehow Paramount could not arrange to get a screening of the movie up there in Vulcan,” he said, laughing.
Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock in the original series as well as several Star Trek movies, only learned of Vulcan, Alta.’s existence when he saw the story about its failed bid Thursday on the Internet.
He said he’s been sending emails to Paramount every couple of hours in an attempt to force the movie giant to do something for the town.
“I got the word out to Paramount that there’s an issue here that should be dealt with,” he said. “The Paramount press people are aware of it and hopefully the word will filter into the proper offices and somebody will do something about it.”
“My position is if they can produce this gigantic movie and get it done with all the physical requirements that are involved in making this film, they can find some way to show it in Alberta, Canada,” Nimoy added.
“The people of Vulcan deserve their day in the sun.”
Nimoy has a small part in Star Trek XI, which focuses on Mr. Spock and Capt. James T. Kirk’s early years, and is scheduled to premiere on stardate 05-08-09, otherwise known as May 8.
Vulcan pulled out all the stops to try to gain the premiere or even a sneak peak of the movie. It even launched a Facebook site which now boasts over 1,500 members.
“This is the voyage of a small town’s quest for the Star Trek XI movie premiere,” begins a video on the Facebook site with the Star Trek theme playing in the background.
“Our Mission ├▒ to showcase our Star Trek spirit, to help Hollywood showcase the new Star Trek movie and to host a spectacular event that brings Spock home to Vulcan, Alta.”
Dayna Dickens, tourism co-ordinator for Vulcan, was nearly speechless over Mr. Spock’s endorsement and had an embarrassing admission.
“I got a call from Leonard Nimoy this morning but I … seriously thought it was a prank call,” she sighed.
“We get calls from people pretending to be Montgomery Scott (Scotty) and Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. I always respond professionally and I will play along to a certain extent. But I can’t believe this. Wow.”
Nimoy laughed when told that Dickens questioned the authenticity of his call and noted she did appear a “bit guarded”. He said he will not be beaming in any reinforcements from the old Star Trek cast including Canadian-born William Shatner.
“No, I think this is strictly a Vulcan project but Zachary Quinto, who plays the young Spock, he might be interested. I’ll have to talk to him,” said Nimoy.
Vulcan held its first Vul-con convention in 1993. Two years later, the town unveiled its own Star Ship FX6-1995-A to welcome visitors. A plaque includes greetings written in English, Vulcan and Klingon.
Another sign welcomes visitors with the Vulcan motto “Live Long and Prosper.” There’s also a space-themed visitors centre and, in an odd combination of Prairie tradition and outer space zeal, there’s also the annual Spock Days Rodeo.
Nimoy, who also starred in the popular series, In Search Of, said he has a soft spot for the Star Trek series and his alter ego.
“I care a lot. It’s been very good to me and I have to be good in return,” he said.
“It has given me a great life, creative opportunities. I have no disappointment, no anger, no frustration and I am very grateful.”