Beastie Boys

Twenty years, baby!! Enjoy!!!

Beastie Boys Paul’s Boutique Reissue Out Now
If you’re me, the Beastie Boys’ sampledelic spazz-rap sophomore LP Paul’s Boutique is easily the group’s best album ever, made when the Beasties were at the ideal middle ground between the hilariously asshole-ish prankster brats of the License to Ill days and the self-consciously eclectic downtown boho aesthetes they first became on Check Your Head. Paul’s Boutique is coming up on its 20th anniversary, and we reported last month that the Boys would be giving the album the reissue treatment it deserves.
Well, they’ve done it. Physical copies of the Paul’s Boutique 20th Anniversary Edition won’t be out until February 10, but if you cruise over to the Beasties’ site, you can already buy yourself a download or decide how much money you feel like dropping on the various multi-tiered options the group is offering.
If you’re seriously balling, you can drop $129.99 on the Commemorative Package, which includes a limited edition eight-foot-long panoramic poster of the fold-out cover art, a limited edition T-shirt, and both vinyl and CD copies of the remastered album, as well as an immediate download.
Broke folks can pay $11.99 for the download itself, which comes in DRM-free 320 kbps and includes “interactive, 3D digital album art” (Which will be what? The Google Earth street-view of the corner on the cover?). For $15.99, there’s also a Deluxe Digital Download package, which includes five music videos and (this is actually awesome) a full-album commentary by the boys themselves. Still more options: $18.99 for the CD, $23.99 for the 180-gram vinyl, both of which come with a download of the album. They’re also selling T-shirts and stuff like that on the site.
Even if you don’t plan on parting with any money over an album you already own, it’s worth checking out the Boys’ site, which now features all manner of Paul’s Boutique-related sillness: videos, photos, stories from fans, a truly difficult and low-tech ping-pong game, and a free download of that audio commentary track. Go nuts.
In other Beastie Boys news, last night, it was announced that they would be playing Bonnaroo. This is their only scheduled show right now.