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Will Springsteen Bring Courteney Cox Onstage? Crazy Super Bowl Bets Hit the Net
The Super Bowl, in most non-recession years at least, is an event for gamblers and casual bettors to wager on everything from the opening coin flip to the final score to how many beers they can down before the chips run out. Since Bruce Springsteen is this yearís halftime performer, he too is the subject of a bunch of interesting prop bets. On, you can bet on the E Street Bandís actual four-song set list ó combos spanning everything from ìPlaylist A: ëGlory Days,í ëMy Lucky Day,í ëBadlands,í ëBorn to Runí î to ìPlaylist D: ëBorn in the U.S.A.,í ëThunder Road,í ëRosalita,í ëMy Lucky Dayí î ó or whether Clarence Clemons will get a featured sax solo. Thereís 3-to-1 odds that Springsteen has a wardrobe malfunction, while 2-to-1 odds has Patti Scialfa having a similar Janet Jackson moment. (Steven Van Zandt is going at 8-to-1 odds, but for the sake of future generations we hope that doesnít happen.)
Our other favorite bet: At a ridiculously-low 10-to-1, you can wager now that Springsteen will reach into the crowd and bring actress Courteney Cox onstage, just like he did in the ìDancing in the Darkî video. But sadly, the fun seems to be coming to an early end: A lot of gambling sites that were offering Springsteen-related bets have since stopped, probably because Bruce and Co. were in Tampa yesterday and today rehearsing their Super Bowl set ó that would make ìPlaylist H: Any Other Song Combination Not Listedî a popular pick (Hint: Winner!). Weíre not gonna ruin the Super Bowl surprise for you, but if you really need to know whatís going to be played you can search the appropriate Springsteen-related message boards for the answer.