May they all rest in peace!!

Famous faces who have left us in 2008
A roll call of notable people in arts, entertainment and popular culture who died this year:
(Cause of death cited for younger people if available.)
– Milt Dunnell, 102. Legendary Canadian sports journalist known for his deft turn of phrase and encyclopedic breadth of experience. Jan. 3.
– Bill Belew, 76. Costume designer, created Elvis Presley’s jumpsuits. Jan. 7.
– Johnny Grant, 84. Honorary Hollywood mayor. Jan. 9.
– Maila Nurmi, 85. TV’s spooky, sexy “Vampira.” Jan. 10.
– Dusty Cohl, 78. Credited with taking the Toronto International Film Festival to an international level. Jan. 11
– Brad Renfro, 25. Actor; played title role in The Client. Jan. 15. Drug overdose.
– Allan Melvin, 84. Actor; Sam the Butcher on The Brady Bunch. Jan. 17.
– Lois Nettleton, 80. Actress; had long career on Broadway, television. Jan. 18.
– Suzanne Pleshette, 70. Beautiful, husky-voiced actress; sardonic wife on The Bob Newhart Show. Jan. 19.
– John Stewart, 68. Member of Kingston Trio; wrote Monkees hit Daydream Believer. Jan. 19.
– Heath Ledger, 28. Actor nominated for Oscar for Brokeback Mountain. Jan. 22. Drug overdose.
– Margaret Truman Daniel, 83. Harry Truman’s only child; a singer, TV personality, mystery writer. Jan. 29.
– Shell Kepler, 49. Actress; gossipy nurse Amy Vining on General Hospital. Feb. 1.
– Barry Morse, 89. Canadian actor played the relentless detective in 1960s TV series The Fugitive. Feb. 2.
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, around 91. Beatles’ guru; introduced transcendental meditation to West. Feb. 5.
– Phyllis A. Whitney, 104. Novelist whose suspense tales (Feather on the Moon) sold millions. Feb. 8.
– Roy Scheider, 75. Two-time Oscar nominee (The French Connection, All That Jazz); police chief in Jaws. Feb. 10.
– Steve Gerber, 60. Comic-book writer, created Howard the Duck. Feb. 10. Pulmonary fibrosis.
– David Groh, 68. Played Valerie Harper’s husband on sitcom Rhoda. Feb. 12.
– Perry Lopez, 78. TV, film actor (Chinatown.) Feb. 14.
– Robin Moore, 82. Wrote The French Connection, The Green Berets. Feb. 21.
– Mike Smith, 64. Lead singer for British band Dave Clark Five. Feb. 28.
– Jeff Healey, 41. Rock, jazz musician (Angel Eyes). March 1. Cancer.
– Gary Gygax, 69. He co-created Dungeons & Dragons; hailed as father of role-playing games. March 4.
– Dave Stevens, 52. Comic book artist, created “The Rocketeer.” March 10. Leukemia complications.
– Ivan Dixon, 76. Actor; Kinchloe on Hogan’s Heroes. March 16.
– Anthony Minghella, 54. Oscar-winning director, turned literary works (The English Patient) into acclaimed movies. March 18. Hemorrhage.
– Paul Scofield, 86. British actor; won Oscar for A Man for All Seasons. March 19.
– Arthur C. Clarke, 90. Visionary science fiction writer (2001: A Space Odyssey). March 19.
– George Gross, 85. Founding sports editor of the Toronto Sun and considered by many a legend in the sports journalism field. March 21.
– Neil Aspinall, 66. Longtime Beatles friend; managed their business enterprises. March 23.
– Sherri Wood, 28. Vibrant Sun Media entertainment writer, after a courageous 11-month battle against brain cancer. In four short but dynamic years with Sun Media, she interviewed everyone from Kim Cattrall to Coldplay and reviewed everything from music to movies. March 24.
– Richard Widmark, 93. Hollywood leading man; made sensational debut as a giggling killer (Kiss of Death). March 24.
– Abby Mann, 80. Socially conscious screenwriter, won Oscar (Judgment at Nuremberg). March 25.
– Sean Levert, 39. A third of 1980s R&B trio LeVert (Casanova). March 30. Natural causes.
– Dith Pran, 65. Cambodian journalist whose harrowing story inspired The Killing Fields. March 30.
– Wayne Frost, 44. Hip-hop pioneer known as Frosty Freeze (Flashdance). April 3.
– Charlton Heston, 84. Oscar winner (Ben-Hur). April 5.
– Ollie Johnston, 95. Last of Disney animators called “Nine Old Men” (Fantasia). April 14.
– Hazel Court, 82. Actress in 1950-60s horror movies (The Raven). April 15.
– Danny Federici, 58. Keyboard player for Bruce Springsteen (Hungry Heart). April 17. Cancer.
– Al Wilson, 68. 1970s soul singer (Show and Tell). April 21.
– Albert Hofmann, 102. Discoverer of LSD, which influenced music, art in 1960s. April 29.
– Jim Hager, 66. One of Hager Twins on Hee Haw. May 1.
– Eddy Arnold, 89. Country singer known for his mellow baritone (Make the World Go Away). May 8.
– Larry Levine, 80. Recording engineer; helped Phil Spector create Wall of Sound. May 8.
– John Rutsey, 55. Original drummer and co-founding member of the seminal rock band Rush. May 11.
– Robert Rauschenberg, 82. His use of odd and everyday articles made him an art world giant. May 12.
– John Phillip Law, 70. 1960s actor (Barbarella). May 15.
– Alexander Courage, 88. Emmy-winning composer (Star Trek theme.) May 15.
– Jack Duffy, 81. Actor and singer best known for playing charades on the popular 1970s TV comedy show Party Game. May 19.
– Dick Martin, 86. Zany co-host of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, which took television by storm in 1960s. May 24.
– Sydney Pollack, 73. Oscar-winning director, a Hollywood mainstay (Tootsie, Out of Africa). May 26.
– Harvey Korman, 81. Emmy winner for The Carol Burnett Show. May 29.
– Lorenzo Odone, 30. His parents’ battle to save him from rare disease inspired Lorenzo’s Oil. May 30.
– Yves Saint Laurent, 71. One of the most influential, enduring designers of the 20th century. June 1.
– Mel Ferrer, 90. Actor (War and Peace), producer of movies starring then-wife Audrey Hepburn. June 2.
– Bo Diddley, 79. A founding father of rock ‘n’ roll, known for “shave and a haircut, two bits” rhythm. June 2.
– Bob Anderson, 75. He played young George Bailey (James Stewart) in It’s a Wonderful Life. June 6.
– Jim McKay, 86. Wide World of Sports host who told Americans about killings at 1972 Olympics. June 7.
– James Reaney, 81. Governor General’s Award-winning poet, author and dramatist of three famous plays about Ontario’s Donnelly family. June 11.
– Tim Russert, 58. Host of Meet the Press whose personality and passion made him beloved in Washington. June 13.
– Stan Winston, 62. Oscar-winning special-effects maestro (Jurassic Park). June 15.
– Cyd Charisse, 86. Dancer turned actress; starred in musicals with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly. June 17.
– Kermit Love, 91. Costume designer; helped create Big Bird, other Sesame Street characters. June 21.
– George Carlin, 71. The dean of counterculture comedians who taught us “Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV.” June 22.
– Dody Goodman, 93. Daffy comedian (Jack Paar Show, Grease) June 22.
– Larry Harmon, 83. He turned Bozo the Clown into a show business staple. July 3.
– Evelyn Keyes, 91. She played middle O’Hara sister in Gone With the Wind. July 4.
– Dorian Leigh, 91. 1950s supermodel, made Revlon’s super-red “Fire and Ice” lipstick famous. July 7.
– Les Crane, 74. Innovator in talk radio, TV; hosted show opposite Johnny Carson in 1960s. July 13.
– Jo Stafford, 90. Singer; topped charts in early 1950s (You Belong to Me). July 16.
– Larry Haines, 89. Actor on Search for Tomorrow for nearly its entire 35-year run. July 17.
– Estelle Getty, 84. Actress; played the sarcastic Sophia on The Golden Girls. July 22.
– Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 89. Nobel-winning Russian author who chronicled Stalin’s slave labour camps. Aug. 3.
– Bernie Brillstein, 77. Agent, studio head; guided Saturday Night Live stars. Aug. 7.
– Mahmoud Darwish, 67. Palestinian poet who eloquently told of his people’s experiences. Aug. 9.
– Bernie Mac, 50. One of “Original Kings of Comedy” who connected with audiences across a wide spectrum (Ocean’s Eleven). Aug. 9. Pneumonia.
– Isaac Hayes, 65. Soul crooner who laid groundwork for disco; won Oscar, Grammy for Theme From Shaft. Aug. 10.
– George Furth, 75. Actor-playwright; wrote Tony-winning book for Company. Aug. 11.
– Jerry Wexler, 91. Record producer who coined “rhythm and blues”. Aug. 15.
– Dave Freeman, 47. Co-author of 100 Things to Do Before You Die. Aug. 17. Accidental fall.
– Pervis Jackson, 70. Bass singer in 1970s R&B group The Spinners. Aug. 18.
– Fred Crane, 90. Actor who gave opening line in Gone With the Wind. Aug. 21.
– Jerry Reed, 71. Witty country singer (When You’re Hot, You’re Hot) and actor (Smokey and the Bandit). Sept. 1.
– Bill Melendez, 91. Producer-animator who gave life to Snoopy, Charlie Brown in Peanuts TV specials. Sept. 2.
– Anita Page, 98. Co-starred in 1929 Oscar-winner The Broadway Melody. Sept. 6.
– Gregory Mcdonald, 71. Wrote Fletch mysteries. Sept. 7.
– Richard Monette, 64. Actor and the longest-serving artistic director of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Sept. 9.
– David Foster Wallace, 46. Author famed for complex, darkly witty works (Infinite Jest). Sept. 12. Suicide.
– Charlie Walker, 81. Grand Ole Opry star (Pick Me Up on Your Way Down). Sept. 12.
– Richard Wright, 65. Founding member, keyboardist for British band Pink Floyd. Sept. 15.
– Connie Haines, 87. Big-band singer; performed with Frank Sinatra. Sept. 22.
– Paul Newman, 83. Oscar-winning actor/race driver/philanthropist who never lost the heartthrob cool of his anti-hero performances. Sept. 26.
– House Peters Jr., 92. TV actor; the original Mr. Clean. Oct. 1.
– Frank Kerr, 52. Lead singer of Hamilton punk band Teenage Head.
– Nick Reynolds, 75. Founding member of Kingston Trio. Oct. 1.
– Eileen Herlie, 90. Stage, TV actress; Myrtle Fargate in All My Children, Oct. 8.
– Neal Hefti, 85. Trumpeter; composed themes for The Odd Couple, Batman. Oct. 11.
– Edie Adams, 81. Singer-actress; partnered with husband Ernie Kovacs. Oct. 15.
– Jack Narz, 85. Longtime game show host, unwittingly involved in quiz show scandal. Oct. 15.
– Levi Stubbs, 72. Dynamic Four Tops frontman (Baby I Need Your Loving). Oct. 17.
– Dee Dee Warwick, 63. Soul singer; performed with sister Dionne. Oct. 18.
– Rudy Ray Moore, 81. Raunchy, influential black comedian (Dolemite). Oct. 19.
– Mr. Blackwell, 86. Designer whose worst-dressed list skewered fashion felonies. Oct. 19.
– Estelle Reiner, 94. Had famed line in When Harry Met Sally — “I’ll have what she’s having.” Married to Carl Reiner and mother of director-actor Rob Reiner. Oct. 25.
– Gerard Damiano, 80. Directed Deep Throat, 1972 porn film that became unlikely hit. Oct. 25.
– William Wharton, 82. Painter-turned-author whose novel Birdy won National Book Award. Oct. 29.
– Shakir Stewart, 34. He succeeded Jay-Z as head of Def Jam Recordings. Nov. 1. Suicide.
– Michael Crichton, 66. Best-selling author whose books became blockbuster films (Jurassic Park). Nov. 4.
– Maria Elena Marques, 83. Actress (The Pearl). Nov. 11.
– Mitch Mitchell, 61. Drummer with Jimi Hendrix Experience (Purple Haze). Nov. 12
– Kenny MacLean, 52. Bassist for the 1980s band Platinum Blonde. Nov. 24.
– Patricia Marand, 74. Broadway actress (“It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane … It’s Superman.”) Nov. 27.
– Paul Benedict, 70. Actor; played English neighbour Harry Bentley on The Jeffersons. Dec. 1.
– Odetta, 77. Folk singer with powerful voice who inspired civil rights marchers. Dec. 2.
– Forrest J. Ackerman, 92. Editor, literary agent; credited with coining term “sci-fi.” Dec. 4.
– Beverly Garland, 82. Actress in 1950s cult hits (Swamp Women). Dec. 5.
– Nina Foch, 84. Oscar-nominated actress (Executive Suite, Spartacus). Dec. 5.
– Dennis Yost, 65. Lead singer of 1960s group Classics IV (Stormy). Dec. 7.
– Robert Prosky, 77. Prolific character actor (Hill Street Blues). Dec. 8.
– Bettie Page, 85. Beauty who daringly bared it all in the straitlaced ’50s. Dec. 11.
– Van Johnson, 92. Boy-next-door Hollywood star (30 Seconds Over Tokyo). Dec. 12.
– Sam Bottoms, 53. Actor who had small but memorable roles in Apocalypse Now, The Last Picture Show. Dec. 16. Brain cancer.
– Majel Barrett Roddenberry, 76. Star Trek actress (Nurse Christine Chapel); widow of creator Gene Roddenberry. Dec. 18.
– Robert Mulligan, 83. Oscar-nominated director of To Kill a Mockingbird; helped launch Reese Witherspoon’s career. Dec. 20.
– Eartha Kitt, 81. Sexy singer (C’est Si Bon), dancer and actress who preferred Broadway to movies. Dec. 25.
– Ann Savage, 87. Actress who earned a cult following as femme fatale in such 1940’s pulp-fiction films as Detour. Dec. 25.
– Delaney Bramlett, 69. Singer-songwriter-producer who penned classic rock songs (Let It Rain) and worked with George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Dec. 27.