I honestly can’t think of anyone else, so this is cool with me!

Time taps Obama as person of the year
Acknowledging that readers would likely not be surprised by the decision, Time magazine bestowed its person of the year title on U.S. president-elect Barack Obama for the 2008 edition.
Obama “has come to dominate the public sphere so completely that it beggars belief to recall that half the people in America had never heard of him two years ago,” David Von Drehle writes in the magazine’s cover story.
Runners-up included Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who orchestrated the jaw-dropping opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing Summer Olympics.
Established in 1927 (when aviator Charles Lindbergh was chosen for the inaugural honour), the magazine’s annual person of the year issue chronicles an individual, group, object or idea that ó for better or for worse ó has exerted a significant influence over the past year.
Last year, the magazine chose was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as its person of the year. Previous honourees have included Queen Elizabeth II, Adolf Hitler, the Baby Boomer, founder Jeff Bezos, charity campaigners Bono with Bill and Melinda Gates, the computer and almost every sitting U.S. president.