It’s only $4 million, go and see it again!!

Batman Back In Theaters January 23
With virtually all the major Oscar contenders coming out in December or late November this year, there’s just one that’s been relying on our fond memories and occasional For Your Consideration ads– until now. The Dark Knight, the biggest movie of 2008, will start working its magic in 2009 as well, getting a January 23rd re-release nationwide.
As Variety points out, this will guarantee that The Dark Knight crosses the $1 billion mark worldwide, a number it’s just $4 million short of reaching. Another question is whether it can muster up the $50 million it needs to pass Titanic’s domestic record. The release comes six weeks after the movie’s DVD release, after all– will even the most rabid fanboys be willing to turn off the Blu-Ray and head back to the theater?
Let’s put it this way. Inflation rates make Titanic’s $600 million milestone easier and easier to beat, and something will beat it in upcoming years. Do you think that movie will be better than Dark Knight? If you don’t, then get out there January 23, put down your $10 and re-experience the movie you know you’re dying to see it again!