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Weezer Raids Vaults, Records Xmas Carols
On the heels of the release of the second volume of Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s home recordings, the group is now taking a look back into its own vaults.
Cuomo tells Billboard he has “no idea” when the tentatively titled “Odds and Ends” will be released, but describes it as “just another fun project to do. They’re great songs, but for some reason they didn’t make the final cut for [a] record. They span a vast period of time from the very beginning of our career in the early ’90s right up to the present day.”
Meanwhile, Cuomo says Weezer may tour next spring with Oasis, and is hoping to enlist Spike Jonze to direct a video for the song “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” from its recent “The Red Album.”
And while the next Weezer studio album appears to be a ways off, the group recently recorded six Christmas carols that will be downloadable for the iPhone game “Tap Tap Revenge,” including “Oh Holy Night.” Says Cuomo, “They’re the classics.”
In addition, Cuomo recently wrote a song with sibling pop duo Aly & AJ, although it’s unclear when it may see the light of day. “It was such a blast to remember how teenagers approach songwriting,” he says of the experience. “Their minds just work so fast and they have no fear and no ego.”
Cuomo’s “Alone II: The Home Recordings” was released earlier this week by Suretone/Geffen. The first installment came out in December 2007.