Wow, that is a surprise!! May he rest in peace!!

Platinum Blonde bassist found dead
Sources say that former Platinum Blonde bassist Kenny MacLean died following a CD release party in Toronto Friday, Nov. 21.
He was found this morning by his sister and it is thought he passed away sometime during the night after the event.
“Kenny had his party at the Mod Club on Friday and he was really excited,” local musician Angel Marr said in a brief phone interview.
“We don’t know if he died right after the party or later,” he continued. “I’m in shock. I’ve known Kenny for 15 years.”
While police have yet to confirm the news, Facebook tributes have already started pouring in.
Former Much VJ Steve Anthony wrote that he is in “shock about my pal Kenny MacLean.”
At their peak in the mid-’80s, Platinum Blonde was playing arenas and became known as ‘Canada’s Duran Duran.’