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Actor Bill Murray Excited For ëGhostbusters III,í Thanks To ëGhostbustersí Game
Fans have clamored for a third ìGhostbustersî film for years, but itís never happened. One reasons is because actor Bill Murray (aka Peter Venkman) was against it.
But in recent weeks, thatís started to change. Writers behind ìThe Officeî are working on a script for a brand-new ìGhostbusters.î
The question has been whether Murray will show up for it. It looks like he very well might, actually, and the reason comes from an unlikely source: the video game.
Movie site Ainít It Cool News attended Fantastic Fest this week, where Murray made a surprise appearance to promote his new movie, ìCity of Ember.î During a Q&A, someone asked him about his thoughts on the proposed ìGhostbusters III.î And thatís where the game comes in!!
ì[Murray] also went on to say that his enthusiasm for Ghostbusters was heightened after recording the voice of Peter Venkman for the video game over the summer. In fact, he said he found himself walking down the street singing the Ghostbusters theme song and then thought people walking around him were going to start yelling at him to ìget over yourself, Bill,î so he stoppedÖ But the enthusiasm was there. ì
As a fellow ìGhostbustersî fanboy, this has me extremely excited. Now, we just need news on whoís picking up the publishing rights to the ìGhostbustersî game so it can come out.