James Bond

Really, well, to heck with tradition, I guess!!

No more ‘Bond, James Bond’!
Don’t you love to hear the words “Bond, James Bond” in a James Bond movie? Well, you won’t be hearing them in the new Quantum of Solace film, out in November. For the first time in his 22 screen outings, Britain’s super cool secret agent will not utter the words of introduction that have been a tradition for 46 years. He also won’t say another classic one-liner ñ “shaken not stirred” ñ when ordering his martini, according to director Marc Forster in The Independent.
“There was a ‘Bond, James Bond’ in the script,” he said. “There are several places where we shot it as well, but it never worked as we hoped. I just felt we should cut it out,” he says, and the producers as well as star Daniel Craig “agreed.”
Graham Rye, who edits an online 007 Magazine says that Craig is much closer to author Ian Fleming’s original vision for the character. “The Bond films had become tired and needed reinvigorating,” he said. “Rather than going away from Fleming I think the producers have gone back to him.” Rye added, “His announcing of himself had become a bit corny.”