Doctor Who

This would be sweeeeeeeet!!

Tennant Set For “Doctor Who” Movie?
David Tennant is in negotiations for a new film version of “Doctor Who” says The Telegraph.
The actor, currently only contracted for five more episodes, has reportedly agreed to reprise his role as the tenth Doctor in a full fifth season in 2010 if the big screen role can be added to a new deal.
“For ages, BBC Worldwide held the rights and were planning to make a movie, but it got held up and former BBC1 boss Lorraine Heggessey decided to bring back the TV series in 2005. But everyone is keen now and the fans are clamouring. Part of David’s conundrum is that he wants to do films, so this looks like it would solve both issues” says a source.
BBC managers are seeking funding for the film and outgoing producer Russell T. Davies revealed he would like Catherine Zeta Jones to play the Doctor’s companion in a film version.
Incoming producer Steven Moffat is also keen on the idea, saying last month that “It would be good to see it in the cinema so long as it’s fantastic.”
Two previous film versions of the series have been made. Peter Cushing took the lead role in 1965, and Paul McGann starred as the Time Lord in 1996.