Forget Tobey, cast Vincent Chase!!!!

Spider-Man 4: Tobey Not a Lock???Yet?
Los Angeles (E! Online) – Call it the battle of the contractual web weavers. Tobey Maguire’s very interested in doing the next Spider-Man sequel, sure, and now there’s word today that the deal is done. Not true at all, blab several top sources on the project, who say the news about Spidey 4óand maybe 5óis jumping the gun.
These film insiders insist that the Tobey sealed-up talk is “premature,” though it does look like Maguire is headed toward putting on that sexy suit again. Tobe-doll made roughly $17 mil on the last flick alone, minimum, right? What idiot wouldn’t for that kind of loot?
Here’s how it’s going down:
Maguire’s very much into the gig and has done three flicks so far in the franchise that’s made, what, 2 or 3 billion bucks worldwide? Yep. But as happened before, negotiations for Maguire’s participation in the Sam Raimi series have been, uh, challenging. “He is not the pleasant person to deal with,” insisted a knowledgeable contractual-type most familiar with Maguire’s past Spidey goings-down.
Word, whether accurate or not, is being put out that Sony just might not be interested in retaining Mr. M’s involvement, should he take too long in deciding if his poker-playing butt wants to stay with the Spidey family or not.
Then, wham! This silken-spun spittle today that Maguire’s all scared and a “lock” on the pic. Not so, gab my blabbers. Also, sources at Sony confirmed Maguire is by no means a lock yet. Additionally, a rep for Sony screamed bloody spidey bites that the studio has never looked at another actor besides Maguire for the lead.
Too bad. Always wanted to see how Tobey bud Jake Gyllenhaal’s ass would look in that getup, but then, that’s another item, isn’t it?