Awesome!! I can’t wait to hear it!!

Bruce Springsteen’s Song in Darren Aronofsky’s Wrestler
Darren Aronofsky has confirmed via his blog that Bruce Springsteen has written a song specifically for his upcoming film The Wrestler.
I first saw this news in Anne Thompson’s update today, where she mentions that the film is debuting concurrently in both Venice and Toronto because they’re waiting for Springsteen to finish up the song.
Although it’s odd to say this, I think this news definitely kicks The Wrestler up another notch. Awards Daily is even claiming that this “will be one of the surefire Best Song nominees” in next year’s Oscar.
Aronofsky says on his blog that the song is titled “The Wrestler” and is a wonderful acoustic piece. It makes him “choke up every time” because “he really captured the spirit of the film and Mickey’s character.”
I’ve been excited to see The Wrestler already, but now I can safely say I’m even more excited because of Bruce Springsteen’s song!