That would be hilarious!!

Newhart mulls ‘Corner Gas’ cameo
Theoretically speaking, Bob Newhart is intrigued by the possibility of making a cameo appearance in the Corner Gas series-finale.
“I’d have to see the script, but I’ve heard of it, yeah,” the legendary comedian said of Corner Gas, the creator of which, Brent Butt, jokingly broached the subject of using Newhart in an interview with Sun Media in April.
In a more recent interview with Sun Media, Newhart laughed quite hard — in a good way, not a sarcastic way — when told about the door to Corner Gas possibly being open. The series-finale for Newhart’s self-titled sitcom Newhart, of course, is the most famous exit in TV history.
“Right now there’s an illness in the family that is kind of my focus, unfortunately, so I’m trying to stay at home as much as I can,” said Newhart, who is making a very quick trip to Canada this week for two shows at Casino Rama, north of Toronto. “So I don’t know. It would depend on when it was, whether it would fit into the time.”
But if it merely were a cameo appearance, Newhart might even be able to tape it at home, right?
“Yeah, that’s true,” said Newhart, 78.
The final moments of the Newhart finale featured Newhart waking up in bed with actress Suzanne Pleshette, who died earlier this year. Pleshette had played Newhart’s wife in his earlier series, The Bob Newhart Show, so the joke was that the entire eight-year run of Newhart had been a dream.
Back in April, a day after announcing his decision to shut down Corner Gas, Butt fondly recalled the Newhart finale.
“I don’t have a previous series to tap into,” said Butt, who also stars in Corner Gas. “But maybe I’ll end it with Bob Newhart.”
Well, all kidding aside, Bob isn’t against the idea.