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Fall Out Boy Focusing On ‘Life Stuff’ For Now
Fresh after attending bandmate Pete Wentz’s wedding to Ashlee Simpson a few weekends ago, Fall Out Boy guitarist Patrick Stump tells a new album is on the horizon for the pop-punk/emo, act but he’s unsure of its arrival date.
“It’s one of those things music-wise where the band is really not talking about a record yet, but we’re all itching to do one,” Stump says. “Actually at the wedding we were like, ‘We should do another record.’ But I never want to mislead people.”
He adds, “So it’s weird, because there’s been rumors of us doing our next record for a long time, but it kind of comes from a misunderstanding about how we work because we’re always writing. We’ve had material since ‘Infinity on High’ dropped. So there is plenty just floating around, but it’s basically like whenever you’re ready to go in and do it again, that’s when it happens.”
Stump went on to say while the band has more material in the mix than ever before going into record an album, he doesn’t know if that will help or hinder the act when it decides to finally enter a studio. What he does know in looking forward is that the project will be different from the band’s first three albums, which were all interconnected musically and thematically.
“I don’t want to be overly vague, but whenever we do another record, it’ll be different from the last one, and it’s going to be different from the last three,” he says. “I think the new stuff will have a lot of freedom on it, and it’s going to be our first just plain old record in a while.”
Stump says he wouldn’t be surprised if the band ends up playing a few gigs this year. “We always end up playing somewhere,” Stump says. “I don’t think we want to get rusty, and we’re not going away for any length of time. It’s weird because it seems like every band is going on indefinite hiatus, and I want to be one of the first bands to say there is nothing hiatus or indefinite about what’s going on (with Fall Out Boy) right now.”
For now, the members of Fall Out Boy are just doing “life stuff.” While it was confirmed recently that Wentz and Simpson are expecting their first child, Stump has been using his time away from the band to produce (Gym Class Heroes, Tyga and the Cab) and dabble in filmmaking.
The 24-year-old Illinois native is currently three days into a five-day shoot for his short feature “The Moustachette,” which as actor-writer-director-producer he hopes to have finished this summer. However, Stump isn’t sure whether it’ll just be a YouTube showing or something bigger.
“It’s a satire about the arts,” Stump says. “It pulls on a lot of my experiences as a musician, especially in this Perez Hilton blog culture, where there are so many more people who are more interested in the stuff you get out of arts — the girls you can pick up at parties and the money you get, that type of stuff — than they are about the actual arts.”