It is a great CD, check it out!!

Music Review: John Hiatt’s new CD among his best
John Hiatt, “Same Old Man” (New West)
John Hiatt’s conversational lyrics sound off-the-cuff, which means they likely resulted from many hours of labor. The work was worth it, because “Same Old Man” ranks with the best music of Hiatt’s 34-year recording career.
He sings about love in the opening round and love on the ropes, about food and paper cuts and “doppelganger caterwauling.” “Same Old Man” is sweet but not sentimental, tuneful, honest and very, very funny.
On his first release since 2005’s fine “Master of Disaster,” Hiatt produced and engineered himself, and he puts his voice front and center. As always, Hiatt sings like someone straining to complete the final set of the night at the local roadhouse. The raw vocals are a perfect match for such songs as “Hurt My Baby,” where pain is palpable as Hiatt delivers the chorus.
He’s supported by bass, drums and Luther Dickinson, who plays guitar and mandolin and provides an ideal counterpoint to the vocals by making every note count. Hiatt’s daughter, Lilly, contributes lovely harmony on two songs.
Dad delivers his droll lyrics as if they’re throwaways, which makes them even better. “I’m a long shot, baby,” he sings. “But they do come in.” In fact, “Same Old Man” laps the field.
CHECK THIS OUT: On the hilarious opener “Old Days,” Hiatt reminisces about his early touring career and crossing paths with John Lee Hooker, Gatemouth Brown and other bluesmen. He concludes the memories aren’t that sweet because “I played practically free.”