South Park

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Outraged, disrespected Canadians go on strike on ‘South Park’
Canada-baiting has been a hilarious feature of the popular “South Park” animated show for years, and now Canadians on the weekly series are saying enough is enough.
In an episode airing Friday night entitled “Canada on Strike,” outraged Canadians go on strike when “Canada Appreciation Day” in the U.S. does not bring their native land the respect they think it deserves.
With echoes of the recent Hollywood screenwriters’ strike, the head of the World Canadian Bureau leads the country into the protracted strike. They’re quickly replaced by Danes – calling themselves the “Canadians of Europe” – who show up to cross picket lines and take their place.
It’s up to Cartman and the gang, longtime Canadian sympathizers, to negotiate a settlement for the long-suffering Canucks. In the meantime, flatulent Canadian duo Terrance and Phillip are conflicted about whether to join the strike, instead working to uncover the truth behind the cost of the walkout.
The show airs Friday at 9:30 p.m. ET on the Comedy Network.