Let me make the prediction right now…this will be the worst Juno Awards show ever!!

Russell Peters warning Juno censors to be ready
CALGARY – Juno Award hosts seem to have a way of making an entrance.
Last year, Nelly Furtado flew over the crowd “like a bird.” The year before, Pamela Anderson played up her most “obvious” assets. And four years ago, Alanis Morissette kicked off her stint as MC wearing a nude foam body costume.
So what does comedian Russell Peters have planned when he helms the 2008 Junos on Sunday night?
“My tricks are talent,” Peters said Friday as CTV unveiled the set for the show. “I don’t need foam or planes or big (breasts). I do need the latter of the three – not on me but in my life.”
“That’s corny. I can’t do any of that stuff. I’m me. I’m the real guy and so I’m going to use these legs and walk right to that spot,” he said, pointing to the podium, “and start talking.”
The comic, whose parody of ethnic stereotypes has won him a global following, has admitted he has never watched the Juno Awards – which celebrate the best of Canadian music – in his life.
But that didn’t stop him from jumping into his shtick Friday.
“I really am looking forward to hosting the show on Sunday and making it somewhat watchable,” Peters deadpanned.
“Let’s face it. It’s kind of sucked in the past. But I mean that in a nice way,” he chuckled. “Like sucked in a good way and we’re going to have a good time, that’s what I’m saying.”
The show’s executive producer thinks that Peters is the perfect host for this year.
“This is a guy who sold out the (Air Canada Centre) for two nights – 30,000 tickets. It’s unheard of and almost back to Steve Martin,” said John Brunton.
“He’s huge in Dubai, he’s huge in Australia, he’s huge in New Delhi and hopefully he’ll be huge here in Calgary. I love the fact Russell lives in the moment.”
Peters will be subject to a five second tape delay during the peformance – just in case.
“I don’t think it’s for me – it’s for the network,” Peters laughed. “They’re the ones who will be thinking we really need to censor this guy. Welcome to free speech.”
Peters wasn’t the only comic on the stage Friday. Group of the Year nominee Hedley, featuring former “Canadian Idol” runner-up Jacob Hoggard had a few gems of their own.
“If we don’t win we’re going to kill ourselves,” said Hoggard, whose group has been nominated before.
“For me, it’s something I could have to make my parents refer to me only as ‘Juno Award-winning Jacob Hoggard’ – as opposed to ‘son.”‘
This nomination is different, he said.
“Maybe it’s because we’re jaded jerks but I thought: ‘Oh man,’ then I saw who else was nominated and I thought: ‘Great, that’s a fantastic way to just set us up again,”‘ he joked.
As for the show itself, Quebec diva Celine Dion drew six nods, while indie darling Feist, punky princess Avril Lavigne and crooner Michael Buble each racked up five nominations.
Performers will include Lavigne, Feist, Anne Murray and opera star Measha Brueggergosman.
Montreal’s Arcade Fire, Finger Eleven of Burlington, Ont., and Toronto’s Blue Rodeo each earned three.
The best artist category includes Lavigne, Dion, Feist, Buble and Pascale Picard.