James Bond

Cash cow!! Cash cow!!

Another trip to Casino Royale
With an autumn release for the next Bond film Quantum of Solace, MGM is sure to celebrate the way they celebrate all recent Bond releases; a slew of video releases. The first announcement out of the gate is a new three disc release for Casino Royale.
The original 2.40:1 ratio is preserved with an anamorphic widescreen release.
An audio commentary will accompany the film as well. Extras include the featurettes Bond Girls are Forever, Becoming Bond, James Bond for Real, The Road to Casino Royale, Paying Taxes, Rescue and Recovery, Old Boyfriend?, James Bond in the Bahamas, The Art of the Freerun, Death in Venice, Catching a Plane: From Storyboard to screen and Ian Flemming: The Secret Road to Paradise, a music video, filmmaker profiles, storyboards and deleted scenes.
No word on whether the set will also be available in Blu-ray or which of the several slightly different versions of the film will be included when the DVD arrives on June 3rd.
But don’t worry, James Bond will return in More Information Soon!