James Bond

Well now I want to move to England…even if it is only for a week.

James Bond film to land in Britain one week early
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The movie studio behind the upcoming James Bond film, “Quantum of Solace,” has moved the British release date forward by one week to October 31, a spokesman for Columbia Pictures said on Wednesday.
The movie, which stars Daniel Craig as British agent 007, remains scheduled to open in North America and much of the rest of the world on November 7.
“Quantum of Solace” is the 22nd film in the long-running movie franchise based on the books by author Ian Fleming about a secret agent who saves the world from villains and almost always gets the girl in the end.
The most recent Bond flick, 2006’s “Casino Royale,” marked the first time British actor Craig took on the role of Bond. It sold $594 million in tickets worldwide.