Next Guitar Hero could feature the Beatles!!

Hey Jude, how about Guitar Hero: The Beatles?
A Guitar Hero: The Beatles title is music to the ears of the owner of the John Lennon- Paul McCartney song book copyrights.
It would appear as though this Guitar Hero thing is the real deal, because even the notoriously fickle folks behind The Beatles song catalogue have warmed to the idea of a themed GH game that features the mop topped musical machinations of one of the world’s most popular bands.
In an article over at the Los Angeles Times today, Martin N. “Marty” Bandier, the top executive at the music publishing company that owns the John Lennon- Paul McCartney copyrights, said he “liked the idea” of a dedicated Beatles edition of Guitar Hero.
“It’s something we have talked about and something I’d like to pursue,” Bandier said.
This is the second themed Guitar Hero spin off that has been announced in as many months. As was reported in GamePro last month, Activision revealed that Aerosmith would be the first act with a dedicated version of Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith will launch in June for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.