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SCTV reuniting for a good cause
Citizens of Melonville, SCTV is back!
Or at least, most of the players who made the late 1970s, early ’80s TV comedy series so memorable, with characters like Guy Caballero, Bobby Bittman, Edith Prickley, Lola Hetherington, Ed Grimley, and Bob and Doug McKenzie.
The Star has learned that Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas will reunite as performers for the first time in 24 years on May 5 at The Second City’s Toronto home on Mercer St.
Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis are trying to extricate themselves from previous engagements so they can join their colleagues.
“I only know one thing: it’s going to be fun,” said Short, in an interview from his home in Los Angeles.
He recalls his time on SCTV as “a miracle. It was the first time that I was tapping into the kind of work I would do for the rest of my career.”
SCTV first went on the air as a half-hour show on Global TV in 1976 and wound up as a 90-minute program on CBC and NBC. Its final original year was on pay TV service Superchannel in 1984.
Short joined the series in 1982, near the end of its run, and says he found it “a daunting experience. I was being asked to join a show that was an Emmy-winning hit, the hippest thing in comedy.
“I really developed Ed Grimley there,” he laughed, referring to the twitchy, cowlicked character that also appeared on Saturday Night Live and in his own animated series. “Up until then, Grimley had only been a character who would appear naked coming out of the shower to my wife.”
The appearance in May is a fundraiser for The Alumni Fund, which raises money to help veteran artistic and support personnel from SCTV and The Second City comedy troupe who are facing health or financial hardship.
Also appearing that night are Colin Mochrie and the comedy group Women Fully Clothed (Kathryn Greenwood, Robin Duke, Debra McGrath, Jayne Eastwood and Teresa Pavlinek).
“I am thrilled to have this wonderful collection of Second City alums come home and support their colleagues and friends who may be experiencing some difficulties in their lives,” said executive producer Andrew Alexander.