Woo hoo!! Bring it on, baby!!

Meet Your ‘Big Brother 9’ Cast
For the first-ever winter edition of “Big Brother,” CBS has assembled the show’s biggest cast ever — and they’re all looking to hook up.
In fact, they’ll have no choice but to do so. All 16 players are single, but the wrinkle in the game this season is that when they enter the house, each will be paired with a “soul mate.” Whether they end up liking one another or not, their fate in the house will be tied to their partner.
Each pair will also live together as a couple — which means, per CBS, that they will “sleep in the same bed, hold Head of Household as a couple, be nominated for eviction as a pair, and if the time comes, say their goodbyes together upon eviction.”
“Big Brother” has eschewed its more typical mix of ages for this season; all but one of the houseguests is under 30. The only exception is Sheila, a former model and self-professed cougar who’s 45.
The crew includes a couple of students, a paparazzo (26-year-old Parker), an electrician and a “bikini barista.” What’s that? Pretty much what it sounds like — someone (in this case, 28-year-old Natalie) who serves coffee while wearing a bikini. Finally, there’s 21-year-old James, a Floridian who says he’s riding his bicycle around the world.
Julie Chen will be back as host of the show, which premieres Tuesday, Feb. 12 and will air Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights, with Wednesdays being eviction episodes starting Feb. 20.
Your contestants are:
Name: Adam
Age: 29
Hometown: Delray Beach, Fla. via Cherry Hill, N.J.
Occupation: Public relations manager
Name: Amanda
Age: 23
Hometown: Fridley, Minn.
Occupation: Paralegal
Name: Alex
Age: 24
Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y.
Occupation: DJ company owner
Name: Allison
Age: 28
Hometown: Boston
Occupation: Pharmaceutical sales rep
Name: Chelsia
Age: 21
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
Occupation: College student
Name: Jacob
Age: 23
Hometown: Dallas, Ga.
Occupation: Electrician
Name: James
Age: 21
Hometown: Sarasota, Fla.
Occupation: Riding bicycle around the world
Name: Jen
Age: 26
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Occupation: Bartender
Name: Joshuah
Age: 25
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Advertising media buyer
Name: Matt
Age: 23
Hometown: Charleston, Mass.
Occupation: Roofing foreman
Name: Natalie
Age: 28
Hometown: Salem, Ore.
Occupation: Bikini barista
Name: Neil
Age: 29
Hometown: Los Angeles
Occupation: Realtor
Name: Parker
Age: 26
Hometown: Northridge, Calif.
Occupation: Paparazzo
Name: Ryan
Age: 27
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Occupation: College student
Name: Sharon
Age: 23
Hometown: Realtor
Occupation: Olathe, Kan.
Name: Sheila
Age: 45
Hometown: Reseda, Calif., via Memphis, Tenn.
Occupation: Former model