This is why I am glad I don’t have brothers!!

British boy pees on brother’s Wii for spite
Four-year-old Ellis Emsley from Fleetwood, England desecrated his brother’s newly gifted Wii with liquid discharge after the latter refused to play together.
“It seems Ellis got fed up with Danny being obsessed with the Wii and refusing to play with him,” said Mrs. Emsley, courtesy of the Metro. “He was told it was his turn on the Wii next, but he took it a bit too literally and used his secret weapon to sabotage the machine.”
Indeed, the humiliated Wii was left water-logged and out of order after the incident. Father Darren, who spent months procuring the highly sought-after console, is hoping the “accident” will be covered by his home owner’s insurance.
“It must surely be counted as a leak,” he said.