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Canseco plans sequel to tell-all doping book: reports
NEW YORK (AFP) – Retired slugger Jose Canseco, who unveiled steroid doping by Major League Baseball stars in a 2005 book, plans a sequel to his tell-all memoir “Juiced” that promises to add names to the sport’s shame.
The New York Daily News and New York Post reported Sunday that Canseco’s lawyer, Robert Saunooke, said the former Oakland A’s star has signed a publishing deal.
Canseco hopes to have the new book available for sale when the season opens in March at Tokyo and promises to plug what he considers holes in the Mitchell Commission report that linked more than 80 men to performance-enhancing drugs.
“It will be an unjaundiced view, without the rose-colored glasses that (Mitchell’s report) obviously put on,” Saunooke said.
The book has a working title of “Vindicated” but actual vindication for the once-bulky slugger is unlikely even given the massive scope of the doping plague that has tainted the past decade’s results in America’s pastime.
“Juiced” was Canseco’s confession of dope cheating and named Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi as steroid takers, helping to spark hearings before US lawmakers in which McGwire refused to deny doping while under oath.
More hearings before US lawmakers are planned in January but without players being involved, diminishing the importance and drama that can be expected given prior threats and inaction when applying pressure to baseball officials.