Breaking the law, brealing the law, breaking the law!

Mounties bust fake DVD scam in Montreal
The RCMP have seized thousands of counterfeit DVDs of popular American TV shows and arrested eight people suspected of masterminding a black-market scam to sell the videos.
Mountie investigators raided an undisclosed Montreal location Tuesday where they found thousands of illegal DVD copies of shows like The Six Million Dollar Man and Ally McBeal, as well as 200 DVD burners.
Eight people were arrested and face several fraud charges under the Canadian Criminal Code and Copyright Law.
The RCMP believe the DVDs were burned in Montreal and sold widely across North America through several internet sites.
The counterfeit DVDs were sold at market prices which led buyers to believe they were purchasing original copies.
Canada’s national police force warned consumers to be vigilant when buying DVDs online. Counterfeit versions are typically of poorer quality, the RCMP said at a press conference Wednesday.
People who believe they’ve bought counterfeit versions can contact the RCMP at 1-514-939-8307, or the Canadian Association of Film Distributors at 1-800-363-9166.