Star Trek

I am also upset that I’m not in it!!!!

Shatner Fumes Over ‘Star Trek’ Snub
Actor William Shatner is furious producers of the new Star Trek movie failed to offer him a role. Shatner, who played Captain James Kirk in the original TV series and movies, is desperate for a part in the new version, directed by J.J. Abrams. And the 76-year-old is stunned he has not been offered a lead part in the upcoming film.
He tells TV’s Extra, “How could you not put one of the founding figures into a movie that was being resurrected? That doesn’t make good business sense to me! I’ve become even more popular than I was playing Captain Kirk. I’m good box office and I get publicity├ľ But, they are going in a different direction and it’ll be a wonderful film.”
Shatner’s Star Trek sidekick Leonard Nimoy will be the only original cast member on board for the prequel – he’ll reprise his role as Mr. Spock in the film.