I’m glad that I don’t work there!!

Global laying off 200 across Canada
Global Television is cutting 200 jobs across Canada as it develops new “state of the art” broadcast centres in four cities, CanWest announced on Thursday.
The company said the centres, to be located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, will use the latest in broadcast technology. It will also mean local news programs can immediately begin the transition to high definition, CanWest MediaWorks Inc. said.
Although CanWest is adding 50 positions as part of the process, it will lose 250 jobs, meaning a net loss of 200.
Across the Maritimes, 30 positions in Halifax and 11 in New Brunswick are being cut.
Network employees in Halifax said they were shocked by the news.
“It came as a complete surprise. There was no warning,” said Paul Saulnier, a union leader with CEP and a technical director who’s losing his job.
The layoffs take effect next spring around the time the first centre is planned to be opened in Vancouver. The other three are expected to be operational over the next 18 months.