Just another reason why I love those Beasties!!

Beasties eyeing guest vocalists for new album
NEW YORK (Billboard) – The Beastie Boys are moving ahead with plans for a vocal version of their latest album, the all-instrumental “The Mix-Up.”
Adam “MCA” Yauch said the trio is “talking to some different artists who might do kinda like remixes and put vocals on it, so it wouldn’t be us doing vocals on it. It would be kind of like a different version of the album, with a bunch of people guesting on it.”
Among those in the loop, according to Yauch, are M.I.A., Lily Allen and Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker — “a bunch of British people,” Yauch told “It’ll be interesting to see what they do with the stuff.”
That might not be the only outgrowth of the “The Mix-Up,” which Yauch, Mike “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz released in June. Yauch said the Beasties have an idea for a visual version of the album as well, incorporating images from the group’s touring to support “The Mix-Up.”
“We’ve been traveling with a Super 8 camera,” he said, “and a lot of times we’ll just make something. While we were in Singapore we filmed stuff, and in Australia and different places. We’re talking about cutting it together into a full-length film that kinda goes the length of the album.”
Yauch said there are no plans to document the tour with a live album or DVD. After the trek wraps September 27 in Chicago, the Beasties plan to return to the studio.