Kevin Smith To Direct ‘Battlestar Galactica’
It might not be “Clerks” or even “Dogma,” but Silent Bob actor Kevin Smith is getting what might be almost a dream come true.
Smith, one of the more high-profile defenders of “Battlestar Galactica,” will direct an episode of the show during the show’s final season. The details were shared with Angel Cohen on AOL, and will mark the third television series Smith will be involved with this coming season.
“I know that I’m going to go up and direct an episode of ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ which I am kind of stoked about,” Smith told Cohn. “It’s cool, but it is scary because it is like, ‘What the fuck? I can’t bring anything to that show.'”
Don’t expect to see anything wacky or outright different in terms of cinematography, however, as Smith said he knows how true to form the SciFi Channel show likes to be.
“That show is genius and they have a very distinctive visual style,” he said. “But you are safe as a kitten. If you go in there and say, ‘I”m going to shoot everything in one big master shot,’ they’ll go, ‘No you’re not, because that is not what we do on ‘Battlestar Galactica.’
“I guess it is more about performance-oriented stuff, but at the same time that cast is top-notch. How do you fucking direct Mary McDonnell?”
It’s not clear what episode Smith will direct, but now that the cast is about halfway through the final season on the production cycle, it likely will be an episode found late in the show’s final season, which begins early next year.
Smith has been busy so far this television season. He directed the pilot of The CW series “Reaper” and also will write and direct the first episode of “Heroes: Origins,” the mid-season spinoff series of NBC’s hit show “Heroes.”
Smith is well known for his character of Silent Bob, but also for writing and directing such movies as “Clerks” and “Dogma” as well as “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” He has filled in for film critic Roger Ebert on “Ebert & Roeper,” and has released some of his convention panel talks where he gives frank insight on film and television, straight to DVD.
“Battlestar Galactica” returns in November with the telemovie “Razor” before debuting its fourth and final season in early 2008.