Alright, Marty!!

Updated Epcot Center film has Martin Short as voice of Canada
Disney is finally updating the film that presents the face of Canada at Epcot Center in Florida, and has chosen Hamilton-born comedian Martin Short to tell the story.
The SCTV and Saturday Night Live star will play a cowboy, a member of Cirque du Soleil and several other characters in the film that gives visitors an introduction to Canada.
It will be shown in the Canada Pavilion at Epcot, one of Walt Disney World’s theme parks, beginning next month.
Canadians have been complaining for years about O Canada.
The footage of Canadian scenes and cities was shot in 1979 and has been criticized for its portrayal of Canadians as lumberjacks, fishermen and Mounties.
“I’d say that in the last 10 years Ö we got a lot of complaints from Canadians who said, ‘I don’t think this is reflective of Canada. We’re not just about geese. We’re not about flannel jackets and we’re definitely not about just great, wide open landscapes,”‘said Gisele Danis with the Canadian Tourism Commission.
“The letters just poured in.”
The CTC has been lobbying for years to have the Disney-made film updated.
The agency that promotes Canadian tourism has played a role in creating the new version, and agreed with Disney on the choice of Short as narrator.
Film emphasizes Canadian star power
The entertainer said the new film will definitely give people a more realistic view of Canada, if a mildly humourous one.
“It’s more of a comedic look Ö it’s, shall we say, a lighthearted examination of Canada,” he said. “It’s little vignettes and things, and I narrate it as well.”
In the last 25 years, Canadian comedians have emerged with a distinct sensibility in the minds of Americans, Short said.
The film makes the most of that reputation and points out other big stars with Canadian roots.
“There is a montage of all the kinds of, I guess, celebrity lights that have come from Canada ’cause it is an unusually disproportionate number when you think of it,” Short said.
The film also features new music and vocals by last year’s Canadian Idol, Eva Avula.