James Bond

Jason Bourne could easily take James Bond!!

James Bond’s Origin Story Isn’t Over
Daniel Craig has been out talking about that next Bond movie. By the way, for those of you keeping track The Bourne Ultimatum had a bigger opening than Craigís reboot prequel flick. Take that 007.
But, the next Bond film will soldier on anyway, even in the face of overwhelming Bourne supremacy. IGN caught up with Craig, and he tells them that they arenít done playing around with the whole James Bond origins thing. ìI think the process [of how he becomes Bond] is still happening,î he says.
ìBond is still maybe too headstrong and he doesn’t make all of the right decisions. I want to continue what we’ve set up in the last movie.î So expect more Bond bumbling. If that worked for you in the first movie, you should be happy.
Truth be told, Jason Bourne messing up a bad guy by punching him in the neck with a book has raised the stakes for Bond again!
Instead of cars in Bond 22, it looks like James may be riding horses. IGN also dug up a story from which indicates that theyíre shooting a scene at the Palio, a centuries-old bareback horse race which PETA hates because the riders mounts sometimes have a tendency to drop dead. Whoops. Murdering horses, now thatís certainly a new twist for 007.