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Etheridge Sending A ‘Message’ On New Album
Melissa Etheridge’s first album in more than three years will arrive in the fall. Due Sept. 25 via Island, “The Awakening” is led by the single Message to Myself,” which goes to U.S. radio outlets on Monday (July 30).
Etheridge has conquered breast cancer since the release of 2004’s “Lucky,” an experience that has informed the lyrics for the new album.
“When I was on chemotherapy, I listened to all my albums back to back,” she told Billboard earlier this year. “It was therapy for me. I realized what I had been saying to myself in my music — the things that I would put down that I wouldn’t think consciously, but I would think subconsciously. When I started creating this album I asked myself, ‘What [would happen] if I create from a subconscious level consciously?’ There are very personal things on the album, including one of the greatest love songs I have ever written. These songs are 100% truthful about me and how I am feeling.”
Among the other tracks earmarked to appear are “Threesome,” “The Universe Listened,” “I’ve Loved You Before,” “An Unexpected Rain” and “California.”
“The Awakening” began taking shape around the time Etheridge won the best original song Oscar in February for “I Need To Wake Up,” from Al Gore’s environmental documentary “I Need To Wake Up.”
“I was recording … in between rehearsing for the Oscars. So I would record for seven hours, go and rehearse for the Oscars, and then come back and record,” she said. “When I won the Oscar, it was a huge honor. It was like a sign saying, ‘You’re doing the right thing.'”